Published Nov-2022, [No.282]
Subject Old Boy of LCC returned / 30th Anniversary of 'Hanmoehoe'

<Old Boy of LCC returned>

The LCC OB members were all happy faces. I wanted to see them as if I had met old friends and it was a fun meeting. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of its foundation, I invited former team managers who burned their youth for the company in the early and mid-term of LCC to the Garden Party to share their past stories. Sung-yeon Won, who led the construction of the factory, Jin-young Lee of sales team, Soon-bae Lee of purchase team, Hyun-oh Lee of Quality & Assurance Team, and Seung-deok Seo, Ki-young Kim, Byung-ha Kyun, Byung-hoon Choi, and Min-hyuk Park...

We gathered in the conference room at 6 PM and watched a video of the company's introduction and pioneer of US market with Dispenser Mouthwash. And then toured the new factory 5. While touring mouthwash automatic lines and Lip Care facility expansion sites, I was able to get a glimpse of the amazed face of them about the development of LCC.

Transformation into an export company, a big change of company mission. They gave infinite encouragement and support to LCC that have targeted '100 years old company and being an export Company'. The company's performance, which was only USD 1 million exports, which achieved US 20 million exports last year and targeting 30 million US exports. I also introduced the improvement of the company welfare system such as the provision of company housing through the stable financial structure of no-borrowing management.

Whether it's an individual or an organization, it's a common sense story that today is possible because of the sweat and effort of the past. Small and medium-sized Company survive only 10% in 10 years, 1% in 20 years, and 0.1% in 30 years. In reality, where only one out of 1,000 companies survive, 25 years of foundation is a miracle.

Not the domestic market but move toward exporting company that is constantly challenging overseas expansion into Japan, the United States, and Europe for exports of $30 to $50 million, was possible from the OB's devotion. In addition, to establish the right company culture and to have system management based on standards and computers and having a quality and price competitiveness was possible from their ideas and efforts.

In our society, there are many private friendship meetings created by people who are close to each other, such as school alumni associations, hometown associations, and business associations. The common feature of these groups is that they have no particular purpose, but they are small communities formed by the strings of past relationships, and they can have a pleasant conversation while recalling the old days they used to be together.

'OB' stands for Old Boy and is used to symbolize alumni or graduates, but companies generally refer to a group of people who worked together in their previous jobs. Large companies such as Samsung and LG have OB gatherings in each sector and are connected to sports and hobbies such as mountain climbing, golf, and tennis, but OB gatherings from mid-sized and small-sized companies are rarely found.

In the former case, there are relatively many cases of joy, sorrow, and pleasure due to the long work period together, but in the latter case, there are few cases where they suffered and enjoyed due to short work period due to turnover. On the other hand, not all large companies have OB meetings, but it seems possible only if there was a 'Good company culture' that shared a strong affection in the midst of conflict and cooperation while in working period.

The UN Meeting, the OB group of LG Household & Health Care, where I worked, has accumulated a lot of funds with donations from many members, and various meetings such as meals, picnics, and golf continue because of the warm corporate culture.

Although this LCC OB meeting is our first meeting, we look forward to continuing our warm friendship meeting based on our strong relationship and precious meeting in office. Now, as we get older, we hope that mutual economic, physical, and mental ties will continue to be maintained and become a community group that grows in a good direction. That's what I remembered that one of OB member who attended and said, "Don't worry, Boss. As we have learned and experienced at the LCC, we are all doing well in our present office."

<30th Anniversary of 'Hanmoehoe'>

 I started my business at the age of 50, and I had a hard time during building factory and borrowing money from bank to secure sales and profits to maintain the company. I had regrets about "Why did I start my business?" due to various accidents.

I thought it would be difficult to maintain the company because my body would be ruined like this, and I looked around to see if there was a way to shake off various stresses and create a refreshing spirit. It was in January 2001 that I ran to Gugi-dong on Sunday morning and climbed the mountain together for four hours after hearing rumors that several high school students were climbing Bukhansan Mountain every Sunday.

Looking at the Samgaksan Mountain in Baegundae Peak, Insubong Peak, and Mangyeongdae Terrace, I climbed the Bibong Ridge and Bohyeonbong Peak's Lion Ridge every week, and the fatigue and stress accumulated for a week seemed to fly away. When I talked with green pine trees, unknown wildflowers, stepped on the rock wall and entered the deep valley, phytoncide poured out, and my strong desire for life was reviving.

In 1992, two friends, Jung-ho Park and Jong-pal Park, recruited their fellow students (Dong-A High School) while climbing Bukhansan Mountain every Sunday, and it was the beginning of the 'Hanmoehoe', a pure Korean word for 'big mountain'. Mountain-loving friends gathered, but it was not easy to continue hiking for four hours every Sunday, and about 20 friends were repeatedly admitted and withdrawal due to degenerative arthritis caused by overweight, leaving only four elite members.

We are mountaineering enthusiasts who climb the mountain for 30 years through the emergency door even if it snows or rains, heat waves, cold weather, and typhoons are banned from entering the mountain. We visit famous overseas mountains such as Mt. Kota Kinabalu and Mt. Fuji, and climb Daecheongbong Peak of Mt. Seorak every year, vowing our goal of "Until the 90 age of Mt. Bukhan."

Our members of the Hanmoehoe, who meet every Sunday to walk in sweat, talk about politics, society, economy, and literature while climbing the mountain, and go down the mountain and toast a cool beer, realize that they are probably closer than brothers who shared blood. Having secured a "money fund" to enjoy and travel together in old age, it seems to lead to a stronger link.

Thirty years have passed since 2022 when I climbed Bukhansan Mountain with my friends. We recently opened a bottle of '30 Years of Valentine's Whiskey' with a self-celebration party. I'm looking forward to continuing to drink 40-year-old and 50-year-old whiskey with a subtle scent of alcohol. When I was young, I stayed at Bongjeongam Hermitage in Seoraksan Mountain or Jungcheong Rest Area for one night and enjoyed various courses such as Socheong, Daecheong, Cheonbul-dong Valley, and Dinosaur Ridge for two days, but I used to choose the same-day course because I felt uncomfortable with bed after the COVID-19 crisis and as I got older.

It is a 10-hour course that departs from Seoul at 5 o'clock, starts with Hangyeryeong Pass, goes up Socheong, Jungcheong, and Daecheong, and comes down to the five-colored mineral springs, and I can overlook the unexplored scenery of Seoraksan Mountain at a glance. While taking a commemorative photo at Daecheongbong Peak, the satisfaction of "It was a difficult climbing, but we finally made it," rose high in the sky, and if I continued to take care of my health, I could feel confident that I could climb Daecheongbong Peak of Seoraksan Mountain for the next 10 to 15 years. We pledged our goal of climbing 'Daecheongbong Peak until the age of 85'.

I climb with Wife the Cheonggye Mountain on Saturday, and Bukhansan Mountain with Hanmoehoe on Sunday. So I climb 100 times a year. Weekend climbing cleanses the fatigue and stress accumulated for a week, and makes me feel relaxed and happy while looking at the trees and deep valleys. Climbing also gives present a 'strong legs" the key to immortality, and gives me the confidence that climbing the mountain can help me live a long and healthy life until i am 100. Company CEO needs to be healthy and keep fresh mind to make the right decisions about the direction and strategy of the company and to demonstrate leadership in company team managers and employees. Is it an illusion that our vision of 'Being an one hundred years old company through export' can come together when the mountain climbing goal of 'Mt. Soraksan 85 years old and Mt. Bukhansan 90 years old' is implemented?


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