Published Oct-2022, [No.281]
Subject Innovative Gymnastics

When you go to Beijing, China, there is a famous tourist course called 'Ming Tombs', the tomb of Ming emperors. Of the 16 emperors, 13 and 23 empresses are buried, but only two tombs are being developed and unveiled to continue the reputation of tourism China. The huge underground palace, which is 27m wide by 90m long and 50m height, which is incomparable to the royal tomb of the Silla Dynasty, makes you feel the power ambition not to let go even if they die. At the entrance to the Ming Tombs, the names of the emperors and the ages of their deaths are listed, and surprisingly, except two or three people, you can see that all people were buried here around the age of 20.

I couldn't understand that it was so short-lived, even though they ate great appetizers, rare medicines, and all kinds of healthy foods. Alcohol, women and gambling may be the cause, but the tour guide explained that the weak lower body was the cause of early death as the emperor moved on a kiln every time they moved. Suddenly, the word comes to mind from doctor of han's dynasty, "If you walk, you live, if you lie down, you die." I realize that lower body exercise is a barometer of health.

What is the first wish that modern people want in life? It may be an economic wealth that can live without envy, and those who value honor want to go up high, and some people risk everything on their children's studies to solve their unlearned grievances. But if we do a survey of ordinary people, the first is health, and those who are standing in front of old age beyond middle age shout 100% "health is the best!" Health is the first capital and most basic value of life. Health is the root and foundation of life.

Just as the roots must be strong so that the branches of the trees are lush and the flowers are in full bloom to get a lot of fruit, only on the foundation of health can we live a happy life. Christ also taught us that there is nothing in the world that can be exchanged for our lives, saying, "What good is it if you lose your life even if you have the whole world?" Korea's richest man, Kun-hee Lee (ex-president of Samsung), and Steve Jobs, who built the best talent and economic wealth, had no choice but to go up to heaven leaving everything behind.

I visited LG Electronics Changwon plant to benchmark various innovative activities while working as LG plant manager. LG Changwon Plant, which had the best labor-management culture in the group and had excellent management performance due to various innovative activities, showed the appearance of a super-high-quality factory by combining innovation cases in the Japanese electronics industry.

The production site was changed from sedentary to stand-up work, and the consciousness of all employees was being reformed through the operation of the Innovation School. Through the publication of the company magazine, Synergy was created through communication and cooperation of employees. Most of all, before work, all employees conducted innovative gymnastics to form a mutual consensus and prevent safety accidents during work.

Most manufacturing companies in Japan conduct gymnastics before work. It is easy to find gymnastics before work in general office building. They explained, "If you gather together and do gymnastics, you will increase cooperation with each other with a sense of community, and you can prevent back injuries with your flexibility, which will greatly help employee's health care."

At our LCC, we gather together around 8:30 AM and implement innovative gymnastics before work. Except for the Thursday Clean day event, all employees conduct gymnastics at outdoors for two days, and two days are conducted by each team-room. The innovative gymnastics, where all members participate, will be hosted by the leaders of each department. After the gymnastics, we present mutual greetings and company mission statement. Gymnastics conducted by the Gymnastics Leader. Gymnastics Leader change every quarter to correct and demonstrate gymnastics. After reading the company mission statement, we take turns conducting 'Three Minutes Speech' to collect excellent contents and publish the 'LCC Three Minutes Speech Collection' booklet every year.

During the morning ordinance time, the company and department's mission statement is read to create a "one-way alignment" consciousness. Gymnastics correction induces correct movements. Speech presentation has become a company culture that induces employees to develop themselves and publishes collections of presentations. We also prevent safety accidents through bare-handed gymnastics. It is like preventing various accidents when swimming by stretching various movements before entering the water.

I sometimes look around while doing innovative gymnastics every morning. Through the stretching of bare-handed gymnastics, most of the employees are thinking, "We are one," but some young employees are forced to do it, "I don't need this kind of gymnastics..." Of course, it may not be necessary for employees in their 20s and 30s right now, but any work can prevent various injuries if they warm up in advance. It also plays a role in enhancing the immunity of the entire body by relaxing muscles, softening joints, and facilitating blood circulation through gymnastics.

An experiment was conducted in the United States on the effectiveness of bare-handed gymnastics, and people who did three months of gymnastics for 10 minutes every day showed significantly better health levels, lower fatigue, and superior health resilience than those who did not. If we make a habit of bare-handed gymnastics from a young age, we will be able to enjoy a healthy daily life even in the middle age, the elderly, and the elderly.

Bare-handed gymnastics is an exercise for health and physical development, and anyone can do it alone without facilities and tools, creating a right posture and balanced body, relieving mental fatigue, and improving work efficiency.

It was first developed in Europe, including Sweden and Denmark, led by Germany in the 18th century, and Korea was introduced into the curriculum during King Gojong through Japan in the late 19th century. In 1953, after the end of the Korean War, starting with the "National Health Gymnastics" presentation, many people participated in accordance with the music and commands from the radio. Since May 16, 1961, it has been distributed to civil servants and schools for more than 20 years under the names of 'New World Gymnastics', 'Saemaeul Gymnastics', 'National Gymnastics', 'Reconstruction Gymnastics'. But it is hard to find it now.

It seems that Japan is the country where bare-handed gymnastics is common in the world. It is conducted as a group at schools at various levels, and companies are implementing it during morning ordinances, and it is easy to see citizens exercise together with music on even if they go to the park early in the morning. Japan, which is broadcasting bare-handed gymnastics on TV, has 28 million people participating in gymnastics every morning, which seems to be proof that it is deeply embedded in their daily lives.

In particular, experts say that pre-work gymnastics at Japanese companies and manufacturing plants play a major role in reducing safety accidents and forming consensus and creating Synergy. There is also no doubt that 'bare-handed gymnastics' plays a large role in prolonging the health and life of the Japanese people, the world's longest-life country.

The innovative gymnastics, which started from the start of the company, has played a major role in the growth and development of the company by preventing internal safety accidents and creating mutual cooperation and Synergy through consensus for 25 years. If so, I hope that the innovative gymnastics, which has clearly established itself as the company culture of LCC, will serve as a guide to protect the health of each employee. Excessive use of PC monitor and smart-phone at work and home has a decisive adverse effect on spinal health. The lack of exercise that modern people lack is not something that can only be solved by going to the gym. If we have a habit of practicing bare-handed gymnastics at home as well as at work without any special exercise equipment, we will be guaranteed health for life.


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