Published Sep-2022, [No.280]
Subject Parent's Favor

Health is definitely the first topic when we meet someone as we get older. When I meet friends and acquaintances, even when I meet with the partner company's CEO, I start talking about health problems. "Are you healthy these days? How do you take care of your health?".

Health problems are self-management and whether or not exercise continues will have a significant impact, but chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes that are limited by their efforts are, eventually affect their health life expectancy to shorten. A genetic condition that determines the occurrence of a disease whether or not it is transmitted. Osteoporosis, obesity, and stomach cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer, which are family history diseases due to the sharing of mindset, lifestyle, and residential environment, also have a decisive effect on health life.

However, thanks to the 'Healthy DNA' that my parents gave me, I should thank my father and mother for not having to worry about high blood pressure, not having to control my desire to eat sweets, and not being afraid of complications with diabetes. Since there is no worry about diabetes and high blood pressure, which are serious underlying diseases, I'm confident that I will be able to live a 100-year-old life if I continue to manage my health.

Although I have many shortcomings, I generally evaluate myself as diligent and responsible. Since early in the morning, I have been training for Gukseondo every day, and I am taking good care of my health by hiking every Saturday and Sunday. The business has also continued to run the company for 25 years since its foundation with endless responsibility for 150 employees. Scholars have different opinions on whether these characteristics are acquired or genetic, but they are generally genetic and most affected by the environment.

Although the formation of personality is innate and genetic, it is inevitably affected by acquired, environmental, and learning. It seems to be a decisive factor in early childhood, especially when living with parents and family. So if the biggest part of me getting here was 'sincerity', I'm deeply grateful to my parents for giving me 'sincerity DNA'.

My parents showed me the 'great wisdom' that gives me hope that diligence, saving can overcome poverty and live a prosperous life. The diligent and sincere attitude of life, which has never seen they take a nap and is busy from dawn to late at night, is becoming a guide for our brothers for the rest of our lives. They couldn't even go to school or village school due to poverty, but they were intelligent and wise enough to learn Korean and Chinese on their's own and be fluent in Japanese. They said, "You have to study well to become a great person and succeed," and they always took us to Busan and Daegu to get a boarding house.

When I graduated from university and joined LG, I came to the company with my parent and asked to the manager in charge, "I'm not good enough, but please give me a lot of guidance and teaching," which remains an unforgettable 'precious memory of child love'.

My Father's strong will to graduate all 10 child from college during his lifetime always lingers in my ears, saying, "If I rest with others when they play, my children will suffer." In the 1960s, the college enrollment rate was only 7 percent, which is not comparable to the current 85 percent, and I think that 'graduation and master's degree' is also another parent's grace.

My father had a good sense of business, so he was bold in changing his business whenever necessary. The first was an orchard, then a department store (just like a store selling a variety of products in the countryside). I remembered clearly that my father explaining to me the reason for the transition from agriculture to commerce by saying, "I couldn't afford your education cost because the orchards only had money coming in during the fall harvest, but I had to keep my children studying."

In addition, with the generalization of TV and color TV in the late 1960s, he stopped the theater business by saying, "Sungchun! The theater business will be difficult now, we need to renovate the theater and make it a shopping mall." It seemed that his sense and foresight of the business are outstanding.

I believe that the bold decision to start a small and medium-sized manufacturing business in my 24 years of work and the 'Business Sense' that can continue to run a company for 25 years was also a legacy from my parents.

My parents ran two theaters, one for my father and the other for my mother. The theater needed many employees to enter, ticket, signboards, and film screening, and there were many incidental jobs such as the establishment and operation of the store, so they hired relatives such as 4th, 6th, and 8th cousins to actively support them to live a stable life. Taking care of the meals of relatives working at department stores and theaters and including the extended family of 10 siblings and grandparents family were almost 20 to 30 people every day. Also, my parents supported their marriage and business independence to establish a stable life. In short, they practiced the 'life of oblige' about their relatives.

I failed to enter prestigious middle and high schools in Busan every time and also failed to enter Seoul National University, but I would like to say that my school performance was pretty good. My hair was normal, but I was faithful to my school life with steady preparation and review, and I think I maintained the top rank thanks to my sincere efforts.

However, in retrospect, it is possible to confess that it was a competition between brothers in the family, and that taking a good report card was a means to draw the attention and love of parents who were happy. Father and mother, who had to go to work from morning to late at night, had no time or economic leeway for the love of their children, but I remember that they interested in school report cards was particularly high.

In conclusion, the 'school report card' which drew parents' attention, received praise and encouragement, and sometimes even received allowance, was a competition between brothers, and I feel that I became a driving force for 'Independence and Competitiveness' even after entering society.

I think I can feel the gratitude of my parents only when I have children and raise them, and as I get older, I can feel the love and grace of my parents. The 'Health and Sincerity DNA' given by my parents and their commitment to love and learning for me who graduated from University by studying in Busan, Daegu, and Seoul despite difficult conditions seem to have made me and my family today.

  Standing at the end of the second half of my life, I deeply thank my parents for their great grace as I bow to them in heaven. I haven't been able to go to my hometown for two years due to the spread of COVID, but I promise myself to visit my parents' grave at the end of the year.


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