Published Jun-2022, [No.277]
Subject Issue the LCC Magazine & 3 minute Speech collection book


"To celebrate the publication of LCC Magazine No. 1 today, I'd like to send a congratulatory message to all of our employees. Although it is a four-page Magazine, it will be a valuable forum for us to share our stories and present the direction of a hundred years company. And even if you and I leave here in the future, we'll hear that our LCC Magazine has been the biggest driver of this vision (To be one hundred year company)"

Above writing is part of the CEO column that I wrote in the inaugural issue of June 1999. In 10 years, LCC Magazine has grown up to be a 23-year-old adult and seems to be the center of the 'development of a right company culture.' It boasts a magnificent and mature appearance like a zelkova tree around the fence of a factory planted at the establishment.

Although there were so many difficulties faced by SME such as developing buyers, increasing sales, securing funds and investment the facility, quality stability, and profitability, I excessively carried out the publishment of company magazine from the beginning of our business.

Complaints from employees who were even pressured to write a manuscript for the magazine poured out, and the world was transformed into online, and there was a constant debate about why paper-made manuscripts were needed. Employees had no experience writing in school and company life, so I think there were cases where the pressure and stress of submitting a private manuscript were expressed as the cause of resignation.

The steady publication of company magazine seems to be hard to find in any small or medium-sized company except for large companies where several companies are gathered. The contents of the company's magazine are filled with CEO greetings written by someone, external manuscripts of writers who specialize in writing, suggestions from experts in each field, and photos of various activities of executives.

On the other hand, it is 100% filled with the writings of our employees, and contains various and diverse stories such as 'Let's praise', 'Stories of new employee', 'Quality Management', and 'Reading Debate'. It is a miracle that LCC Magazine, which has been running for 23 years without a single absence, is published in 1,000 copies every month to customers, business partners, employee's families and acquaintances, and is translated into foreign languages to overseas buyers.

It was when I was working as a factory manager of LG that I thought I should publish a company magazine. I visited LG Electronics Changwon plant to benchmark various innovation activities to make excellent factory, and learned innovation gymnastics, publishing magazine, and operating innovation schools to change employee's consciousness.

Since there was no separate budget, I published a 4 page TPM Echo using a copy machine, and I wrote monthly from myself to encourage the employees to write the manuscript, and it continued until I retired from the company.

The publishment of the company magazine is essential for 'one-way alignment' to realize communication between employees, settle down the right company culture, and excellent factory with quality and price competitiveness. Therefore, 'Lucky Magazine No. 1', which was published with the establishment, also started with 4 pages (The company name at the establishment was Lucky Cosmetics Corp.) and has continued to increase the page since then, since about 10 years ago, it has become a 24 pages LCC Magazine.

The continued publication of the LCC Magazine required some money, but it is undeniable that it is the most reliable investment to realize company vision. It is also making a decisive contribution to communication between employees, but it is enabling 'one-way alignment' for the future of 'Export company, 100-year-old company'.

In addition, LCC Magazine, which is delivered to buyers every month, plays a role as a salesperson for trust, and partner companies seem to have achieved a lot in improving the quality of subsidiary materials as a partner in exports.

LCC magazine is delivered to each employee's home, is recognized their family that LCC is a stable company that can be work safely. Some employees who left the company are also sending messages of support from afar as they hear about the company's development.

For more than 20 years, LCC Magazine has been published every month, and the participation of employees and the writing of manuscripts have experienced the miracles on paper that 'You can tie your worries together through records, and you can achieve what you want.'

The book support system, which allows them to purchase four books they want to read for free every year, leads to the 'Reading culture' of employees and practices Article 5 of the company's mission to 'Become a leading Saladent through lifelong study and self-development.' Furthermore, 'Three Minutes Speech', which is announced by the morning ordinance, seems to relieve the difficulty of writing and the presentation in front of others one by one. The idea and commitment to read books, search the Internet, and speak confidently on these topics is leading to wonderful content and presentation.

Now, following the previous year, the second series of the '3 Minutes SPEECH Collection Book' has been published, and it seems that it is creating small miracles like 24 years of LCC Magazine.

It is becoming more common for employees to prepare, practice, and speak, as if it gives them confidence that what seemed impossible to set and practice company vision 'To be a 100year company through Export' for SME will now be possible.

Businessmen and acquaintances who give a lot of attention and encouragement to LCC Magazine seem to think that there will be someone who can run a separate organization and assist of ghost writer of CEO column for 20 years. However, there are no dedicated staff, not to mention a separate organization for editing the magazine. CEO and team leaders take the lead in issuing and writing private manuscript, leading to the participation of employees who say, "As long as I work at LCC, I have to write private manuscript. I also express the hardships, joy, and achievement of my experiences while running a company. Also share my dreams about the future and vision, and calmly writes down the life story what I feel as I get older.

With the second issue of the 3-minute speech collection book, I have a hunch that it will probably last 100 years with LCC Magazine. It's almost impossible for other companies, but our LCC thinks it's too easy.

Editorial of the company magazine can be published only by leader's initiative and employee's submission of manuscripts, and 3minutes Speech Collection Book can also be published by employee's presentation and editorial committee member's participation in 'Selecting and Modifying Manuscripts'. It is easy to achieve if only 'one-way alignment' and 'work delegation empowerment', which are the basis of leadership, are properly exercised.

  In order to go a long way to 100year Company, the 'one-way alignment' of publishing company magazine and 3minutes Speech collection book are essential, and the Empowerment that anyone should participate in the delegation and distribution of work such as writing manuscripts, presenting speech, and activities as editors is working.


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