Published Apr-2022, [No.275]
Subject My Role model, President Hina


I always climb Bukhan mountain with my friends on Sundays. This year marks the 30th anniversary. I studied with my friends in Busan when I was in high school, and after graduation, I studied in Seoul because of university so i apart from my friend for a while. Then we met again while working and started hiking because of our health.

Since hiking together is already over 30 years, is it because of our tenacity or the need to overcome the health crisis by climbing? Although we have climbed famous domestic and foreign mountains such as Seorak Mountain, Jiri Mountain, Hanla Mountain, and Mt. Fuji and KotaKinabalu, we are simply choosing various ridges of Bukhan Mountain because we think we should prevent possible safety accidents.

While hiking, the conversation is usually about how old can we climb? As the mountain friends I met often during the hike are disappearing one by one without sound or rumors as I get older, I was thinking that we would only be able to do it by the age of 80. A few years ago, We met Tae hwa, Jeong who was 88 years old (born in 1935) who is a slim figure with no obesity at all, a strong walk, and as much talk as a young man. His wife has been in a nursing home for 10 years due to dementia and has been consistently faithful to self-management despite great misfortune in his family. Diabetes has come to him in early 40s, so he thought to overcome it by climbing twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday.

Since all of his friends are dead, he enjoy hiking steadily on a fixed date and time, whether it snows or rains, or even if there is a typhoon or heavy snow, even though he go hiking alone. As we watch him every week, we are confident that we can climb the mountain by the age of 90 and Daecheongbong Peak of Seorak Mountain, which we go to every October, by the age of 85.

As I spend my school days, I often meet role models that I can emulate while working and running a company. When I was a middle and high school student, my sincere and faithful friend was my role model for enter a prestigious university. He passed the Seoul National University Chemical Engineering Department, which is the most prestigious University in korea. While working, I found a few role models, who worked hard on self-development, worked passionately, created Synergy with colleague, and had excellent organizational leadership. They used to take the position of CEO.

Even when I established own business, I looked for SME executives who I had to learn but it was not easy. Although I know a lot about the theoretical aspects of SME management, management performance is not supported due to lack of execution and organizational leadership, product items and business areas are struggling behind the times, and temporary management performance is good, but poor competitiveness in the long term. Meanwhile I met Hina, president of Pieras, Japan, I realized that he could be a role model for corporate management.

President Hina shows the unique delicacy of the Japanese, passion for business, and drive that no one can imitate, so it makes me think that I should learn a lot from him and become a businessman who looks just like him. That's when i found the 'Role Model' of SME executive.

As a natural 'salesman', he has excellent marketing ability to plan and develop products that customers want and succeed as hit products by intuition of market flow and consumer needs. Since the launch of the Propolinse 'Original' in 2011, the Japanese market has been successful because it has accurately identified the mouthwash market in Japan, including the taste of 'Sakura', 'Whitening' teeth, 'Refreshing' for smokers, and non-alcoholic 'Hello Kitty' for families use together.

In addition, sales of convenience stores such as Family and 7-Eleven have expanded significantly by development of 150ml small mouthwash. The mass distribution of mouthwash sachet and the expansion of consumer use opportunities with Dispenser are solidifying the position of 'Luxury Mouthwash' with sales growth of 20-30% each year. Now that TV commercials modeled on Hello Kitty will start in April for fierce competition with large companies, we expect to create another miracle with new challenges.

President Hina was born in Hiroshima in 1943 and started working at a department store, and established Pieras in 1980.

Sanrio's character's bath preparation, basic and color cosmetics were released in various ways, and the makeup cosmetics 'Pieras BEAUTY' series and 'Hello Kitty Makeup Collection' were developed and made big favorable and became long-run products. While Pieras expanding the business to air purifiers and high-function masks, Pieras made a partnership with LCC in 2011.

He is active and healthy enough to travel all over Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa for expanding the market at the age of 80 and travel to Taiwan, China, India, and Southeast Asia for pioneer overseas markets. (According to doctors, he has health to live up to 120 years old.) He is personally kind and affectionate, so I can always feel the warmth with my skin. He invited me and my wife to guide Osaka and Kyoto, tour Japanese scenic spots such as viewing autumn leaves in spring, and guided the Japanese hot spring baths and introduced traditional foods such as sushi, eel, and wild boar dishes. Perhaps there is a deep intention to build a strong 'credibility castle' between LCC and Pieras by making me feel the history and society of Japan and understanding Japanese culture and characteristics through tourism.

He is a warm person who encourages the group of factory manager and sales team leader who visit OSAKA for quality-related meetings by saying, "Claim should not recur after establishing certain measures" and prepares a drinking party until late at night.

LCC is responsible for the production, development, and quality of products, and Pieras is dedicated to sales and marketing to realize a WIN-WIN and to continue trading for 100 to 200 years.

Pieras and Hina are bound to be the role model of me and LCC because i believe that it is most certain to learn the Japanese company's Know-how and Hina's corporate management perspective to realize our vision, 'Being an one hundred company through export'.

Japan has many 'long-lived companies' that are not comparable to any other country in the world. With more than 20,000 companies over 100 years old, 3,000 companies over 200 years old, and seven companies over 1,000 years old, this is probably why the 'artisan spirit' and the 'family succession' that managers devote their lives to is driving so many long-lived companies.

The characteristics of long-term Japanese companies can be summarized by Transferring accumulated technology and know-how to respond flexibly to environmental changes Developing technology constantly to pioneer niche markets Maintaining trust with stakeholders such as customers, partners, and employees. In addition, if we experience the cleanliness and order consciousness of the Japanese, the spirit of compliance, and the kindness and consideration of 'Meiwaku', and learn their honesty and thorough quality, the path of long-term companies will not be difficult.

Pieras and Hina, who helped us achieve $20 million in exports last year, led our LCC, which had remained in the domestic market until the two companies traded, to move forward into export company.

It gave us confidence that we can export to any country in the world if we have quality and price competitiveness, and if we can surpass the walls of the Japanese market and consumers. Finally, it indirectly helped us to build a miracle of exporting 30 million units of lip balm a year to the US market with the expansion of factory.

In addition, the automatic Dispenser mouthwash will expand the US market to 30, 40, 50 million dollars in exports, which will help us realize our dream and vision of 'Being an one hundred year company through export' in name and reality. We confident that the Japanese TV commercial of Propolinse Mouthwash, which starts in April this year, will not only increase sales but also spread to Southeast Asia as well as the US and European markets.

I personally hope that Japan and Korea can become good neighbors and friends. We should beyond the anti-japanese due to 36 years of colonialism. Also We should approach from the perspective of take advantage of Japan to develop our capabilities and skills. From this attitude, I look forward to the day when it will surpass Japan.

South Korea is Surrounded by communist dictatorships such as China, Russia, and North Korea. Security cooperation with Japan is urgently needed for free democracy and a market economy, and mutual symbiotic relationship must be developed. In other words, only the triangular cooperative relationship between Korea, the US, and Japan can build strong security.

In addition, automobiles, home appliances, and semiconductors played a decisive role in achieving global competitiveness with the help of neighboring Japan in the process of economic development and industrialization of Korea. And We still in desperate need of help from Japan in materials, parts and equipment.

Our vision of LCC is 'Being an one hundred year company through export' to compete with our quality and price competitiveness in overseas markets, not only domestic markets, and grow into a long-term company for 100 and 200 years.

People around me said, "How can you export to tricky Japan Market?? If you had exported to Japan, you can export to any developed country in the world." I get the enviable encouragement. If we benchmark and learn their entrepreneurship and management mind, not sales and profits from exporting goods, we can transform into a global company.

Our vision and dreams will come true if ordinary people learn their cleanliness, order, compliance spirit, kindness and consideration for others, businessmen learn thorough quality management, honesty, trust with trading lines, and corporate management such as textbooks. With Pieras and Hina as the 'Role Model', the LCC Vision 'Being an one hundred year company through export' can be come true.


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