Subject Feb-2019, [No.237] Happiness and Unhappiness

December 5th, 2000, The Wedding of the Century took place. One of the biggest stars at that time, Choi Jin-sil and one of the most popular baseball players in Korea, Jo Sung-min got married. The Wedding ceremony of the top entertainer and the baseball players whose value was highest in Yomiuri, Japan was broadcast live on the internet for the first time in Koran history. There were as many as fifty thousand people logging online to watch the wedding ceremony. They were expected to live happily ever after but they separated from each other and got divorced in two years. Sadly, the couple ended their lives with suicide. Happiness meets mental and physical desires, and there is no shortage of mind and body. However, we have endless desire so there is no way to fulfill it. In the end, we cannot end up being happy. There is an old saying that a person who owns nine things seeks for another thing in other persons hands, Happiness is not far away from us but we always look forward to bigger and greater things. Maybe happiness and unhappiness always stick around like a coin, is it happiness if it is happiness, and it is unhappiness if it is unhappiness?


A long time ago, a woman named "Fate" was working at home, and with the sound of knocking, the goddess of misery said, "I should stay in your house for a while. Her family was darkened, her laughter disappeared, the shadows of misfortune came upon her. In spite of her asking to leave her house, the goddess of misery kept staying at her house saying, "Whatever you want or do not want, I should stay at every home. One day, the goddess of misery left her house saying, "Now its time to say goodbye," and a few days later a bright and laughing goddess of happiness stood at her door. She said, "I have to stay in your house for a while. After the goddess of misery has gone, I must come to visit." From that day, in her house, happiness, peace and joy continued, but despite her pleading to stay for a long time, the goddess of happiness said, "I cannot stay in a house for long. I have to go to another house again ... " then the goddess of happiness left her house. In this world, there is no one who stays in happiness forever. Also there is no one who stays in unhappiness forever. After the bright day, a dark night comes. After the dark night, the bright day comes. The intersection of happiness and unhappiness is the basic law of our life and we are forced to live in it.

Like Happiness & unhappiness is always coexist", happiness and unhappiness always stick together.


Lets say we put happiness and unhappiness on a scale,

If there are fifty happiness and fifty unhappiness,

The scale doesnt move.


If there are fifty one happiness and forty nine unhappiness,

The scale leans forward to happiness.


Like this, we do not need much in terms of happiness.

We are happy if we have only 1% more in our lives.



While Im saying Im happy,

I am a very happy person.

There is a clear spring in my heart.



While saying thank you

Thankful hearts newly rise

My heart is becoming more pure.


While saying beautiful

I have become a beautiful person for a while.

Your heart is bright


Good words raise me.

I know it again.


The preceding poem is the poem of "Happiness" of the sister, Lee Hea-in, and the poem after it is the "Power of Faith". The happiness we desire is derived from our mind and obtained when we have positive thoughts. When we feel sad, when the world looks depressed, when we have a joy, the world grows, and when we am happy, the world becomes brighter and smiles.


All the roads were between happiness and unhappiness. I am going to that. This is a part in the poem Between the Happiness and Unhappiness of the poet named Hwang Geum-chan. Even if you sit on a rocking chair that tilts to happiness or tilts to unhappiness, when you look at the world with high-eyed glasses, you feel comfortable and bright. Life is a rocking chair that goes to and from happiness and unhappiness, which means that happiness does not come close if you stay still not to be unhappy. The size of happiness and unhappiness is not fundamentally fixed. However, depending on the mind of the person who accepts it, small things can be bigger and big ones can be smaller. A wise man deals with a great misfortune small, and a fool enlarges even a small misfortune and falls into great trouble for himself.


There is one thing I can be absolutely sure about life, and it is that happiness and unhappiness are always close. The life that seemed to be happy just forever is the time of the unhappiness that the world has fallen only to me alone as the curtain of the play changes at a certain moment. So I cannot enjoy the happiness right next to myself, and I find myself foolishly waiting for the unpleasant guest so-called unhappiness. However, immediately after this misfortune, if another happiness is waiting for the order and you are sure that the next one will come, you will be able to withstand and overcome the misfortune you are experiencing now.


Happiness and unhappiness depend on how we care. There are people who are unhappy when they think about things that are bad or unpleasant even when they do the same thing. Some people look for happiness because they think it is good. The old Confucius asked his nephew, "What did you gain from commissioning and what did you lose?" His nephew said, "I have not got anything, but I have only three things I have lost. I could not study because I had a lot of work, and I could not take care of my relatives because my salary was so low. I could not hang out with my friends because I was too busy. Confucius asked the same question to Bok Jacheon who was working in the same position as his nephew. He answered I have not lost anything but I have gained three things. My skills got improved because I could practice what I had learned at work, and even if my salary was not much, I could help my relatives. I was busy with my official affairs but I tried to spend time with my friends. So I got closer and closer to my friends.. Like this, you can be happy if you just see from a different angle.


In the World Happiness Index released by the United Nations, Korea is ranked 55th out of 155 nations (2017), down from 47th in 2015. The peculiar part was that the freedom to choose life, which means the right to self-determination among the factors that lower the happiness index of Koreans, was very low as that index of Korean was ranked 127th. According to the Korea Development Institute (KDI) report, 81% of university students in Korea think of "high school as a battlefield for survival". This is very high  compared to 40.4% of the US, 41.8% of China, and 13.8%. Koreans perceive their high school life as a place where there is intense competition in order to take high scores and rankings for "aiming at a good university." 12.8% of respondents answered "square with friends" The figure is said to be much higher at 75.7% in Japan.


Why cant young Koreans stay away from the myth that "teenagers should spend their lives on the battlefield and become happier as they go to a good university?" They cannot think of another options such as no entering a university or going to a college because they are so obsessed with the framed concept of happiness. However, if we understand Happiness is the frequency, not the intensity, we can grab the happiness right next us so easily.

Seo Eun-keun, a professor of Yonsei University, explains his theory of happiness in his book, "The Origin of Happiness". The difference between becoming and being is huge. Becoming a daughter in law of a wealthy family and being a daughter in law of a wealthy family, they mean different. In order for high school students to pass only good universities, college students to get good jobs, middle age to prepare for old age and the success of their children. Like this, becoming means short term goals to achieve, but happiness means being. Even if you have a victory in "passing a prestigious university" in the battlefield of high school, you will feel a once intense happiness but this does not bring happiness for your life. Like every lottery winner ends up being miserable, intense but sudden happiness will not bring you life-span satisfaction.


We set the goal of "LCC to make employees happier and realize their dreams" and amend our "Company Statement" accordingly and are looking for ways to make employees feel happy. We want a company that can satisfy the needs of employees, such as "a company without stress", "various benefit and welfare systems desired by employees", "a company with sufficient pay", "a seamless organization of communication between sides", these cannot be obtained without our determined will and effort. It has a fateful limit that we cannot implement our own brand-oriented management strategy due to our dependency on large companies and global companies as OEM / ODM manufacturing SMEs. Even if we are not a big ship, like a small motor boat, we are fast and flexible to change and innovate, we can survive from the big waves, we can create a small but competitive enterprise and get the idea that we can sail together.

As the CEO of LCC, I ask myself if I can "make the employees happy" and "make their dreams come true". As I cannot grantee my childrens happiness, I reach the conclusion that I cannot make it by myself. I just can support them by offering the better working condition so that they can achieve their own happiness. That's right. Our company provides housing, dormitories, tomorrow's deductions, good food, reading culture, 7H education, English and Japanese course, self-development and motivation and improves the welfare system and increases the opportunity to travel abroad and. These are the top priority to create an environment where our employees grab their own happiness. The happiness of the employee can make the president happy, so that the company grows and society develops. is simple but never gets changed. I think that we should go up from the small one to the "happy company" in ordinary everyday life. The first step is to let employees go on vacation whenever they want, to have a corporate culture to learn from working.



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