Published Jul-2019
Subject [No.242] Why I go hiking every weekends

After a few years of business, my body began to get damaged, and my mind also became faint and hazy. Sales and profits, bank borrowing, and accidents, both large and small, that day after day at the factory, have continued to hit the remorseful spirit of "Why do I start a business and suffer this?" And I thought, "No way." So I looked around and saw if there was a way to relieve the stress of the body and mind and to refresh it. When I heard that some of my high school classmates were climbing Bukhansan every week, I ran to Gugi-dong early Sunday morning and climbed the mountain together for about 4 hours. (January of 2001) After climbing, I felt a week of fatigue and stress flying clean. And as I went into a deep valley full of wild flowers and rocks, I felt a strong desire for life.

Bukhansan - This is a mountain of life that retains the history of the Joseon Dynasty and Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea, and plays the role of the lungs of the 10 million people living in Seoul currently. Bukhansan National Park, a natural park in the city center that is not located in any city in the world, consists of rocky peaks and beautiful valleys that are carved down from the granite ground and weathered for many years. Bukhansan Mountain, which has been considered one of Korea's five largest mountains along with Mt. Baekdu, Mt. Jiri, Mt. Geumgang, and Mt. Myohyang, was called the Triangle Mountain. Because the three peaks of Bukhansan Mountain, Baegundae (837m), Insubong (811m), and Mangyongdae (800m) form a triangle. As I climbed Bukhansan Mountain every week, I had a good time talking to many people I encountered on the mountain and drinking makgeolli with them after climbing the mountain. Because of mountain climbing, I talked with people I had no knowledge of and made new friends. I got to know many people, including Professor Song Bok, who works at a university, two young men who go hiking together every week while praying for the success of their father's cancer treatment, and Mr. Jung, the role model of our friends. Mr. Jung is the best person I have ever known while hiking. He was diagnosed with diabetes in his 40s and climbed Mount Bukhan twice a week to overcome his illness. Mr. Jung, who is 84 this year, who always climbs the mountain in a young, upright manner, is proving to us that it is possible to climb the mountain by the age of 90.

The climbing club, called "Hanmoehoe," was founded in 1992 by two Parks and started climbing Bukhansan Mountain every Sunday, bringing together friends who attended high school together. In the early days, mountain-loving students actively participated in the club, but as we went through a hard four-hour hiking without skipping a week, it became difficult to secure membership as more members quit over time. In addition, the existing members of the group also suffered knee dislocation due to overweight and degenerative arthritis, and now there were only four elite members left. They are hiking enthusiasts who have been climbing the gates of the South and the slopes for 28 years without missing a week. They climbed mountains in spite of snow, rain, heat waves or severe weather, and when a ban on entry to the national park was issued, they secretly climbed the mountain through an emergency gate. We climb Mt. Seorak's Daecheong Peak once a year and visit famous mountains overseas. Climbing Mt. Kotakinabalu (4095m), Mt. Fuji (3776m) in Malaysia, and Japanese Alps tracking remain unforgettable memories for the rest of our lives. We meet every week for more than 20 years, sweaty, together, and cool beer after going down - we're immersed in politics, society, economics, and sometimes literature. Members who exercise with me and have intelligent conversations with me are considered closer than my blood brothers. So, I can't wait to meet my friends and enjoy hiking every Sunday, even if hard and difficult things happen.

There are so many fun activities that young people can enjoy now, but in the '60s, college students had no choice but to go to billiard halls or makgeolli bars at best and climb mountains with friends on weekends. It is forbidden now, but in those days, it was the greatest pleasure to wash rice with valley water, cook rice and stew, and roast meat. After joining the company, we have rented a bus and enjoyed leisure culture by climbing famous mountains in the country every weekend. Now, I enjoy hiking with the focus of my health.

Most of us hung out in the mountains when we were in school, and I enjoyed every hiking with my coworkers when I looked back at the memories of my work life. Especially when I was working at the Busan factory, I remember that the joint climbing of the three factories in Choeup, Yeonji, and Dongnae, the birthplace of the LG Group, was a good opportunity to explore famous mountains across the country by bus, and to cultivate friendship with many people through relieving a week's work stress. The good thing about mountain climbing is that anyone can enjoy it together. Hiking is the only hobby that can be enjoyed together regardless of age and gender. It is a great pleasure to talk to high school, university friends, or co-workers at the top of the mountain. Even after the launch of the LCC, I continue to enjoy hiking with department heads and sometimes employees every year, solidifying our communication and trust.

City people enjoy hiking and trekking on weekends, and 62 percent of adults over the age of 18 go to mountains or trekking more than once a month, according to a survey by Korean Research. The top priority of Koreans' hobby life appears to be sports, mountain climbing, and trekking, and although the comparison between mountain climbing and trekking population is almost the same, the trend is gradually shifting to trekking, and the reason seems to be that the development of Ollegil and Dullegil is expanded and can be done more easily than hiking. Seventy-two percent of hikers said it was for their health, and sixty-two percent of trekking lovers said it was for their health, while many of them were for their leisure, beautiful nature, and relaxing. Therefore, hiking and trekking are used as the best means to relieve stress and anxiety in daily life and to ensure a healthy life.

Since ancient times, the saying goes, "The roots of trees grow old first, and the legs first grow old." The saying means that the secret of a long life without being sick is not expensive and rare medicines such as a wild ginseng, an eloquence, or a deer's horn but "leg strength." The characteristic of the longevity is that the gait is stable and straight. Therefore, if your legs are strong, you can live healthy even if you are over 100 years old. The two legs are the means of transportation of the people, and half of the nerves and blood vessels of the body are gathered. When the two legs are healthy, the meridians are well, and the blood, heart, and digestive period can live well. In order to have healthy legs, it is best to walk hard so that your legs are hard. Therefore, mountain climbing is the best means. The diseases ,such as obesity, hypertension, or bent stomach, etc, that modern people are suffering from, are caused by their inability to circulate energy and blood through the body. There is a saying that "there is a general hospital treating the disease on the mountain top" because it is possible to cure this disease by simply climbing the mountain. When you walk through the mountains, your mind will be clear and you will fall into meditation. Anion from the mountains and phytoncide pouring out of the forest give you the natural healing ability to heal all diseases.

I started my business at age 50 and worked hard with the vision of exporting companies and longevity companies, and I became confident that I am moving forward in the right direction now and that I will have a fruitful future. I want to be in business management for as long as possible, and I hope to have healthy mind and body until I move to heaven. Like Professor Kim Hyung-seok, who continues his lectures and writing with a healthy body at the age of 100.... I believe that corporate CEOs need to manage their bodies and minds to be healthy because it enables them to demonstrate leadership to their employees, to make the right decisions about their companies' key issues and to bing and spread bright and clear energy to the company.

I have been meditating over KoukSunDo for 2 hours every day for 15 years, and I have been climbing Bukhansan for 4 hours with my friends every Sunday and regularly visit golf course to play golf. I was investing a lot of time for physical and mental health. But it seemed to be a little lacking and I decided to add "Saturday hike" because I think I need more muscular strength on lower half of my body. I started climbing Cheonggyecheon alone on Saturday from last fall and after finishing meditation in the early morning, I run down the mountain. Regular hiking brings physical health and mental relaxation. If I could continue climbing the mountain for the rest of my life, I think I would be able to manage the company for a long time, and I would be able to live a fruitful life of giving and helping people around me. In conclusion, if I can only continue hiking twice a week on Mt. Cheonggyecheon on Saturday and Mt. Bukhansan on Sunday, I hope and hope that I can live twice or three times longer.


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