Published Aug-2022, [No.279]
Subject Life is not height but length

Among the lyrics of Korean folk songs, "Play, play, play young. You can't play when you get old. When the moon is full, it is going to small" It may be recognized as a bad song such as a mean excuse for lazy and dishonest people, or it may mean that playing hard when playing and working hard when working is a wonderful and beautiful life.

In the 60s, the phrase 'Life is thick and short...' was popular, and it also had a positive meaning to do your best toward high goals in a short life, but it seems to have a stronger negative meaning that life is the best to go up high regardless of means. Life may be 'a passing wind' or 'a dream of a spring dream," or like a Sang-byeong, Cheon's poet 'When the end of the beautiful picnic day, I will return to heaven, and will say it was really pretty'

When we were young, we had a 60th birthday party called the second youth when we were over 60, and it was difficult for those who were a little healthy to exceed 70. However, based on the current standards of young university students, more than half of them can exceed over 100 years old, which means that their friendship with close friends will continue for 70 to 80 years.

If a person who has a life plan for the age of 70 to 80 lives for another 20 to 30 years, he or she will have to look at marriage, occupation, hobbies, and financial plan from a different perspective, and his or her life plan will change significantly. The average life expectancy in Romans was 25 years, 30 years in the 15th and 18th centuries, and 37 years in Western Europe until the end of the 19th century, so it is frustrating to say that he graduated from university, serviced from the army, married, and gave birth two child and went up to heaven.

Last year, the average life expectancy in Korea was 83 years old, well over 30 years compared to 53 years old in the 1960s, and it is expected to rise sharply in the future. Therefore, '100-year-old life' should be prepared and designed in advance so that the laughter of 'HAHA', who is healthy, energetic, and happy aging, can be heard. The "99-88-234", which is a catchphrase for old age, should practice, and it would be best to live a healthy life until 99 and then die on the fourth day after being sick for two to three days.

We want to have a bigger house, and we want to be promoted to a higher paying position in the workplace. Politicians want more power, and CEOs are also trying to expand their businesses and make more sales and profits. The image of climbing up a ladder for money, power, and honor seems to be similar to the image of the Tower of Babel, which was built to reach the sky and collapsed due to the anger of God.

When young people choose friends of opposite sex, they choose a pretty, cool, and attractive partner rather than looking at the personality or values that can last a long time. Also when they choose on a job, they __select company whether it is a comfortable workplace, fancy, high salary, and without stress, rather than how much ability they can develop and learn. Even after marriage, they prefer 'No Kids' or 'One Child' to be comfortable, and they seem to be missing the opportunity to enjoy life for a long time seeing the growth of their children.

Life is a marathon, not a 100- and 200-meter sprint. It is not a short distance that produces results with explosive short spurs, but a marathon that plans and executes step by step and runs steadily toward the goal. Like marathon running, school study, financial technology, and business should run without giving up while maintaining their pace rather than speeding up from the beginning to reaching their goals.

School life is also important to prepare and review daily, and stock investment should also be won by long-term investment centered on blue-chip stocks without being swept away by short-term sales. In the case of a business, it can be successful only when it focuses on areas that can be competitive in quality and price from a long-term perspective. Avoid business items that are temporary and that anyone can participate in, such as masks and packs.

Song, Hae the Korean MC of the National Singing Contest, passed away at the age of 95 recently. The person who has given laughter and comfort to everyone with witty talks and a low-key attitude for 34 years has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest MC.

Young-soo, Oh who gained high recognition for his role as Il-nam, Oh in 'The Squid Game', won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor, and he is 78 years old. Soon-jae, Lee who was not a leading star in his youth, is also 88 years old, and continues to play today, when all the stars who were more popular than him disappeared due to thorough self-management and efforts. Yeo-jung, Yoon the first Korean actor who won the Oscar trophy 'Female Supporting Actor' in the movie 'Minari'. Also Senior actors such as Hye-ja Kim, Moon-hee Na, Doo-sim Ko and gu Shin who are 70-80 years old are also active.

Life should be thin and long rather than thick. The reason why I continue to train for two hours every morning and steadily climb Cheonggyesan Mountain on Saturday and Bukhansan Mountain on Sunday is because of my health to live a long life until the age of 100.

Therefore, I set the goal that to climb the Bukhansan Mountain, Seoraksan Mountain, and Daecheongbong Peak by the age of 85 to 90. Also i operate the several friend groups(elementary school, high school, university, and hiking and golf group) with fund raised by tens of thousands of dollars, for continue the meeting for a long time.

The business is also aimed at long-lived companies and 100-year-old companies that last 100 years and 200 years, not 10 years and 20 years, and is trying to become an export company that is moving toward the global market, not the only domestic market. This is why I value corporate culture to have quality and price competitiveness from a long-term perspective, not short-term profits. LCC Magazine, which started in June 1999, published its 23rd year issue of 278 magazines for every month, and the CEO column for 'One Way Alignment' continues to be published due to the long-term perspective of the business.

Yulgok is talking about three majre misfortunes of life are 'early success', 'lost of spouse in mid-age', and 'poverty in old age'. But 'no work in old age' can be added as the fourth misfortune these days in the '100-year-old era'.

If you retire from a job in your mid-50s, you have to live another 40 to 50 years, and if you have to live a long life without doing anything, maybe it's a 'hell life'. In the past, when the average life expectancy is short, people die after 10 years of retirement, but in the age of 100, it is a happy retirement to work in a professional field without giving up work until the age of 70 to 80. In Chinese, '' also means the power() of working in the field(), so it can be interpreted that a man should work for life until he dies.

Professor Hyung-seok, Kim, author of 'Living 100 Years', emphasizes three things: "You should start studying first, have a second hobby, and don't play thirdly," in age 60s, which is the golden age of life between 65 and 75. The third thing, "Don't play," is that you have a place to go to work, you can show your experience and wisdom, and you have to sweat lightly and work a certain income to live happily for the rest of your life.

On the book, there is a story of Japan and the United States, 'The reason why Japanese live a long life and have a high happiness index is because the elderly are not playing but working something, and most Americans are working as volunteers or part-time after retirement'. At the age of 102, Professor Hyung-seok, Kim write manuscripts, write books, attend busy lectures, earn economic income, and seem to be our life model.

There was an interesting interview of Professor Kim. Sometimes when he eat with his son or daughter's family, most of the time he pay for it, because unlike his children, he is working (?) and still earning a significant income. It feels somewhat unfamiliar to hear that an 102-year-old grandfather who was born in 1920 eats out with his children and pays himself. When i go hike with my friends to Bukhansan Mountain after the holiday, i usually hear the story of my friends what they enjoyed with their family and received how much pocket money at the end.

Unlike my friends, I've never received any allowance from my sons (I'm getting a birthday present) I complain. I nod to the my friends comment, "Isn't it natural that you didn't get an allowance because you are active and get a lot of income?". So I think, "I don't have retirement" so that i can pay for life because i am father.

What I feel and learn from__ my business with Japan and personal GOLF trips are that people well over the average retirement age are working hard and are very satisfied with their work. From the CEO of a company to restaurant owners, taxi drivers, golf course hosts and caddies, and professionals who need long experience and know-how, recognize no work in old-age as the biggest misfortune of their lives and work until they die. I can feel the values of Japanese people that "Once you decide on a career, you have to focus on it, and you have to devote your life to mastering technology. That's the secret to success and the secret to living happily and honorably."

At the age of 80, Pieras CEO Hina has traveled abroad for business trip, as well as domestic(Japan), for speeding up Propolinse mouthwash sales and market expansion. Now, I admire him for doing his best with the idea that he have a chance to compete with large companies through national TV commercials.

I fall into the agony of how to live a once-in-a-lifetime life to become a successful life without regret. Instead of going up high for wealth, power, and honor, i come to the conclusion that the best way is to get satisfaction and happiness by devoting a long time to my favorite work and hobbies. It makes me think that the way to become a 'successful CEO' is to limit the business to areas I can be confident in and expand exports to the global market with global quality and price competitiveness to become a long-lived company for 100 years and 200 years.


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