Published May-2022, [No.276]
Subject My Life Partner

"You are my Dongbanja, my forever Dongbanja.

my lifetime best present is meeting with you."

"When I'm lonely, you always hold my hand,

When I was in trouble, you always comforted me,

On windy days, you used to block the wind

My life Dongbanja. You're my Dongbanja"

It's a part of the lyrics of 'Dongbanja' who songed by korea famous singer Jin ah Tae, Da Yeon Ji. On the meaning of the dictionary of 'Dongbanja', it defined as a person who is paired up when doing something or someone who doesn't actively participate but agrees with it and helps to a certain extent. It can be translated into Partner or Companion in English.

Among the middle-aged men, five things they need as they get older First to Fifth are wife. On the contrary, women are called daughters, money, health, friends, and SPA, so the presence of a spouse is more important to men and is called a 'Life Partner'.

There is a saying, "Wife is a lover for young people, friend for middle-aged people, and nurse in old age." Even if an indifferent and stubborn husband or a wife of a rip-off or nagging person, the name wife and husband, which are invisible shades and supports of each other, are a partner in life, a source of power to live fresh and confidently in the world.

In addition the slang 'Camp' in the movie of 'Squid Game' also means close friends, partners can also be called life partners.

Golf or Tennis can be a partner of a person who enjoys golf and tennis. A person who have deep faith, God's word and bible is their lifelong partner. A person who enjoys marathons and mountain climbing is Marathon and mountain is their partner. And book can be a partner by a person who enjoys reading books.

Alcoholic drink or cigarette can be a companion, pet dog can be a companion, camera can be a companion. day and night, darkness and brightness and the sun and moon, it could be partners.

I have a 'Precious Partner' who is always with me when I'm working at work, taking a break at home, giving and receiving work instructions during the week, or taking a break after work and on weekends. Planner, who plans for the new year at the end of the year, plans for the next month, plans for the next week on weekends, and plans for the next day, is always on a desk close by.

Planner has a 'company mission' containing the company's vision, a 'CEO mission' specifying its role and mission as a CEO, and a 'personal mission' that upgrades every year, and is always with Planner, who serves as a guide to a successful life as a natural person.

Briefly introduce the story of 'Franklin Planner', Benjamin Franklin, a politician and scientist who worked during the American Revolutionary War in the 18th century, is one of the most respected person in the United States who is considered to have led to American independence, laid the foundation for the constitution, and laid the foundation for American democracy.

He is also a scientist who has contributed greatly to science and culture, including the invention of lightning rods, and the establishment of higher education institutions, publishing and cultural businesses.

He set an example of 'time management' by consistently using a small note throughout his life, and was excellent in 'self-management' that checks himself day by day by listing and checking 13 virtues in the note.

The brand of 'Franklin', which has the image of a 'Franklin' that helps your plan for success, combined with 'Planner', developed by 'Hirum Smith', is the 'Secret of Success', which combines the value of Franklin's hard work and sincerity.

It should be noted that Franklin Planner is not a diary but a planner. We can conclude that the former is about self-recording and the past, while the latter is about self-development, about the future, and the vision and philosophy. It is a powerful tool to prepare for the future of users, plan their lives, and realize their dreams and visions.

The Franklin Planner plays a central role in practicing the Seven Habits of Successful People, an educational program published by Dr. Steven Covey. It is not just a note, but it makes us practice the value of leadership contained in the 'seven habits' and serves as a great tool and supporting role for success. Participating in the 'Seven Habits of Successful People' workshop and reading related books, I transformed into '7H Mania'. Introducing the many help and benefits what i have received from using Planner for more than 30 years are as below.

First, it sets the right journey of life and allows me to move toward long-term goals.

Personally, I established a 'role' at home and at work based on clear 'values' such as 'young and health', 'success of children', 'securing credibility', 'leadership', 'establishing corporate culture', and 'transparent management'. Through this, I am moving forward to realize company long-term vision 'Being an one hundred company through export'.

Therefore, Planner, my partner, sets the company's vision, 'Company Mission Statement' and 'My Mission', the role of the CEO, to clarify what to do in LCC. In addition, I bind the 'personal mission statement' written at the beginning of each year to clarify my mission at work and at home so that i can live the right path and balanced life.

It leads the 'right life' like 'Right Mind, Right Vision, Right Time, Right Path, Right Active' When i saying during Gukseondo Training.

Second, thanks to Planner's weekly plan, I can enjoy Monday without stress.

The weekly plan is the main of all time schedules, and not only our life patterns, but also our office work, factory production plans, shipment plans, and raw&sub material purchase plans are written weekly. Newspapers and broadcasting are conducted weekly as well.

Monthly plans have many changes due to long periods, and daily plans have short periods, making it difficult to cope with changes. Therefore, we record major appointments, meetings on a weekly basis, and prepare in advance and take measures. In addition, each department will record and inspect the pending and repetitive tasks of last week in order of importance.

It is a regular exercise to improve mental and physical health, such as self-development time before work and after work, which is as important as company work. Every dawn's Gukseondo training and two weekends climbing and golf practice are recorded and inserted in weekly and daily plans, reflecting my will not to miss it. Furthermore i usually insert the plan of studying Japanese and reading for making small miracles.

Third, through habits of write the Planner and Memo, I can be trusted by people around me.

I have a habit of always recording important matters when I receive reports or instructions directly from team managers and employees. There is also a need to check and confirm them, but it can be an opportunity to continue guiding and support by recording them as memos.

The implementation of major tasks is rarely completed in several attempts, and it is settled by turning the PDCA cycle and trial and error, so it continues to be transferred to monthly and weekly plans. Therefore, during planning and implementation, it is standardized through several supplementary work and improvement, and Synergy is created through cooperation between departments, and it is established as a company system.

Promise and requests from family and friends are also recorded immediately into memos, so there are no cases of missing them, so i don't lose the faith of people around me and give them a trust.

Fourth, as a successful person in time utilization, I can live twice and three times my life.

Unlike ordinary people, there are many people in the world who lived twice and three times their lives, such as 'Leonardo da Vinci', who lived as a painter, inventor, and scientist, and 'Yahg-yong, Jong' who lived as an administrator, politician, and inventor.

Even if a person has a life span of 100 years, modern medicine cannot live 200 or 300 years, and even if he or she lives healthy, it is only 10 to 20 years. Then, if you can extend your life to 80-90 without retiring from 60 years old, if you can use your morning time efficiently and effectively, and if you can allocate time to more precious things by making plan daily not being pressed for time by busy schedule, these is the way to live two-three times of life.

Using Planner to create annual, monthly, and weekly plans, prioritizing less busy but more important tasks, and leading a balanced life between work and family, would be the surest way to extend the day from 24 hours to 48 hours.

We, LCC, host the '7H workshop of daily courses' every year, and offer the 'external workshop of 7H' for 3 days and 2 nights to employee who work at LCC after more than 2 years. In addition, after three months of joining the company, 'Planner' is provided individually and education on how to use it effectively is continued.

Therefore, team managers and employees are not dealing reactive work , but according to the annual, monthly, weekly, and daily plans, so they can perform efficiently and effectively, so they can leave work quickly without holiday work, and creating Synergy with cooperation, the general management costs can be reduced.

  In conclusion, we can achieve a lot of results with a small number of people by using Planner. Furthermore our company vision of 'Being an one hundred year company through export' is realized by reducing general management costs and securing price competitiveness.


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